[She/Her] [INFP-T] [20+] [☆]

My name is Aura, which is kind of unusual but I cherish it a lot. I go by the nickname of Lieze as well, which is the one I use the most.

I'm a very reserved person who recently has begun to interact with others via stories at Honeyfeed. I'm on Twitter as well but I'm pretty quiet over there.

I tend to talk too much if given the chance, so if I ever say something that bothers you please don't hesitate to tell me to clarify myself.

Reading and writing are my pastimes, alongside playing some video games. Idols are my zone of comfort, and Layla from Cinderella Girls is my absolute favorite because we are pretty much alike. I adore Violet Platane from Atelier Violet very very much!! (explains my twitter @!)

I enjoy cycling and to roller skate at big parks when I get the chance!

Before you follow me, there's some information I'd like you to know!

I'm not very good at mutual interactions so at first I might be very quiet or come off as stand-offish. That's because I'm very bad with words... I'm not that much online as well. I apologize for that if it makes you uncomfortable.

I mostly RT things from the fandoms I'm into and my account is SFW.

Please don't follow if you fit the criteria:

Racist, Homophobic, etc.
Post hate about any character for any reason.
RT or Tweet unsourced art.
Make fun of mental health.

These are my favorite characters! They're not in any specific order and are very special to me!

I'm not into too many fandoms based on my favorites list but here are some of the most recurrent ones!

Love Live!
Cinderella Girls
Animal Crossing
Professor Layton
Valkyria Chronicles
Atelier Games